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COVID-19 Office Updates

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented many new comprehensive health and safety protocols to keep our patients and our team safe while at our office. Below is a summary of some of the changes we have made:

• Our staff and doctors are required to self-screen for COVID-19 signs and symptoms prior to coming to work each day and are required to wear masks, eye protections or face shields as required, at all times.

• Upon booking or confirming an appointment and arrival at our office, you will be asked a series of COVID-19 screening questions. Only those who screen negative will be able to enter the office

• Only patients who have made an appointment will be allowed into the clinic.

• Everyone entering the office must be wearing a mask (medical masks will be offered for better protection at no charge)

• Only patients who have booked an appointment are allowed into the clinic, unless the patient needs help with translation, mobility, or if they are under-age. If the patient is a child, one adult can accompany them to the clinic 

• Hand sanitizer must be used upon entrance to the office, it is readily available throughout the office. If preferred, powder-free and latex-free gloves will be offered at no charge

• Plexiglass barriers have been installed at our front desk and in our optical dispensary

• Our reception room has been reconfigured to ensure physical distancing. We try to have no more than one patient or one family in the reception area. Please be on time for your appointment 

• Our staff are frequently disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in the office

• Our appointment times are adjusted by reducing the number of patients that we see per day. This allows for physical distancing and time to properly disinfect our equipment between patients

• The appointment with your doctor may be more concise than previous visits as they may review certain components of their findings with a follow up email/call after your appointment if required to help reduce the amount of time you need to spend in the office

•To reduce unnecessary close-contact without compromising the quality of care and to reduce unnecessary emergency room or specialist referals, we have included advanced technology tests (OCT and Retinal Imaging) as part of the comprehensive eye exam for high risk patients. These two tests unfortunately are not covered by OHIP, so we reduced our fee by 50% to make it affordable for everyone. Please be advised that if you wish not to have these tests you may try other clinics that don't provide this services.

• To reduce unnecessary in-office and or emergency room visits, we are offering virtual consultations whenever possible. Optometry virtual consultations are not covered by OHIP.

• In addition to plexiglass barriers at every station, we have UV disinfection, for all frames to be tried on in the frame gallery 

• We are also offering curbside/lobby pick-up whenever possible for glasses and direct home delivery for contact lenses

For urgent and emergency cases, please do not request an appointment online and call us at:


For after hours Emergency, please contact Tele-health Ontarto at:



OHIP Exams Update

As of November 23, 2021, Ontario Government agreed with a formal negotiation and Ontario optometrists agreed to resume service for OHIP insured patients during the negotiations. We do our best to accommodate as many patients we could. We started booking from our long waiting list that has been built up since September. We continue adding patients to our list and try to see as many patients as possible without compromising our high quality eye care services.

If you wish to be added to our waiting list please kindly use our online appointment request form. We really appreciate your patience, understanding and support! In the meantime please visit and let the government know you care about your eye care and this is the government’s responsibility to pay for your eye care, not your optometrist.