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Located in the Empress Walk Mall
on Yonge St in North York, ON

Located in the Empress Walk Mall on Yonge St in North York, ON

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Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Benefits

Using technologically advanced instrument called Oculus corneal topographer, we design and fit regular and specialty contact lenses more precise than ever.Empress Eye Clinic

Proper measurement, design and fit of the contact  lenses are vital for comfort and to maintain the health of the cornea and conjunctiva.


We offer a wide choice of contact lenses such as disposable soft contact, bifocal/multifocal, toric, gas permeable, prosthetic and cosmetic and colored lenses. Whether you wear every day, week by week or month to month disposables, or traditional (vial) lenses, look at our variety of lenses suitable for your specific needs.

A decent contact lens fit begins with comprehensive eye exam to guarantee the most accurate prescription and preclude any  previous conditions that could disturb contact lens wear.

contact_lenses-north-york-ontarioWe will decide the best fitting contact lens after understanding your way of life, as well as the shape and well being of your eye. Often, you'll have the chance to try on lenses just after your eye exam. You can even leave the exam with a few samples before settling on your choice.
We follow up the first fitting and after that make any improvements in fit or materials to get you the most ideal fit. We show every one of our patients appropriate lenses as well as conceivable possible outcomes if proper care is not used. At that point we proceed with long-term follow-up to monitor the state of the lenses and to guarantee that appropriate care and handling is being kept up.