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I will definitely be returning.

Dr. Javad Heshmati was the first optometrist I decided to book an appointment with since moving to the city two years ago. Prior to then, I didn’t need to look for an optometrist as I used to be covered under my parents’ plan.

After doing some research I selected his office for an annual checkup (partly due to location), and it’s safe to say: I lucked out. During my most recent appointment, he discovered irregularities in my vision changes and diagnosed me early with a preventable degenerative eye disorder; which I am now pursuing specialized treatment for.

He not only had the technology in his office which allowed him to provide a proper diagnosis (a rarity for most optometrist offices), he also took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns.

From everything I’ve seen, I believe he genuinely wants the best for my vision health and I will definitely be returning.

- Kyle S.