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Thanks to the Staff and Doctor

Went there a few days ago for my eye exam since I didn’t get a proper exam from a doctor for a long time. Luckily I was able to get it done right away without the appointment. The staff was nice and explained kindly about each exam. And was reasonable for the extra cost for the shot of the back of the eyes to see the nerve. She explained I should check it every year since I work on the computer a lot. After the short exam with the staff, Doctor helped with my major problem which is my blurry vision with my glasses and, mainly, my contact lenses. He examined few things and told me the possible problems with recommendations for both glasses and contacts. I was able to get the glasses with a special filter to protect my vision from the digital devices and night driving. I can’t wait for the glasses to be delivered! I think the price is reasonable (may be reasonable to high for lenses but for long term investment, should be worth it). I’m planning to get an annual eye exam from them. Thanks to the Staff and Doctor

- J. K.